/hoʊm / (say hohm)

1. a house, or other shelter that is the fixed residence of a person, a family, or a household.
2. a place of one's domestic affections.
3. (often upper case) an institution for the homeless, sick, etc.
4. the dwelling place or retreat of an animal.
5. the place or region where something is native or most common.
6. any place of existence or refuge: a heavenly home.
7. one's native place or own country.
8. (in games) the goal; finishing post; base.
9. (in children's chasing games) a nominated place where one cannot be caught.
10. Baseball the plate at which the batter stands and which he or she must return to and touch after running round the bases, in order to score a run.
11. Obsolete Great Britain, especially England, as the place from which many Australians had emigrated.
12. of, relating to, or connected with one's home, town, centre of operations, or country; domestic.
13. done or located at home: home banking; home office.
14. Sport
a. of or relating to a game played on a team's or player's own ground: a home match.
b. of or relating to a team, player, etc., participating in a game played on their own ground: the home team.
15. Racing of or relating to the final part of a race when the competitors are approaching the winning post: in the home straight.
16. close to, or relating to, the homestead or main group of buildings of a station: the sheep had been brought into the home paddock.
17. that strikes home, or to the mark aimed at; to the point: a home thrust.
18. to, towards, or at home: to go home.
19. deep; to the heart; effectively and completely.
20. to the mark or point aimed at: to strike home.
21. Nautical all the way; as far as possible: to heave the anchor home.
22. Sport with a score which represents success: they were home with just one ball to spare.
verb (homed, homing)
verb (i)
23. Rare (of birds and some other animals) to go or return home.
24. Obsolete to have the home where specified.
verb (t)
25. Obsolete to bring or send home.
26. (a) home away from home, a place having the comforts of home.
27. at home,
a. in one's own house or country.
b. (of a sporting team, etc.) in one's own town or one's own grounds: *the Brisbane Bears are at home to Fitzroy and Richmond meet St Kilda. –west australian, 1991.
c. in a situation familiar to one; at ease.
d. prepared to receive social visits: *She told Kate that she was at home to no one, and that she would speak to no one on the telephone but Marian. –martin boyd, 1946.
e. (sometimes followed by with) familiar; accustomed; well-informed.
28. bring home to, to cause (someone) to realise fully: this will bring home to you the folly of what you have done.
29. home and hosed (or dry),
a. finished successfully.
b. now judged to be sure of success.
{Phrase Origin: from the practice of hosing down a racehorse after it has run a race}
30. home in on,
a. (of guided missiles, aircraft, etc.) to proceed, especially under control of an automatic aiming mechanism towards (an airport, fixed or moving target, etc.).
b. to proceed towards, as if guided by an external force: *politicians eager to score points in a presidential race homing in on `family values'. –west australian, 1992.
31. home on the pig's back, certain to succeed.
32. make oneself at home, to make use of the comforts and amenities of someone else's home as if it were one's own.
33. nothing to write home about, not remarkable; unexciting; inferior.
34. on the home front,
a. Military in the field of operations within one's own country, especially in relation to the activities of a home guard.
b. in the domestic sphere: contented on the home front.
35. press home,
a. to present forcefully or emphasise (an argument, opinion, fact, etc.): to press home the need for quick action.
b. to make the final effort to achieve (something): to press home a reform agenda.
36. who is he (or she){{}} (or it) when he's (or she's){{}} (or it's) at home?, (an expression, either jocular or possibly in annoyance, asking about a person's identity.)
{Middle English; Old English hām home, dwelling, related to German Heim}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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